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Donald Trump’s administration on Friday imposed new tariffs on $34bn of imports from China as the US president threatened to extend levies to all $500bn of Chinese goods, the biggest shot so far in the trade war between the world’s two largest economies.

StockMarketNews.Today - Mr Trump’s comments during a visit to the state of Montana — coming only hours before US customs officials began collecting 25 per cent tariffs on 818 different Chinese products from midnight Washington time on Thursday — highlighted the escalating economic consequences of the trade fight between the US and China.

The US president reiterated plans for a further $16bn in trade to be targeted in the coming weeks and for far larger actions beyond that. He also repeated a warning that the US had plans “in abeyance” for a further $200bn in Chinese imports should China retaliate against the new US tariffs — something Beijing is expected to do within hours of the new tariffs taking effect on Friday.

“And then after the $200bn we have $300bn in abeyance, OK?” he said. “It’s only on China.” The $500bn threat would cover almost all US imports from China, which reached $505.5bn in 2017.

The president’s comments on Thursday came after the US Federal Reserve released minutes of its previous policy meeting showing that businesses were already putting capital investment plans on hold as a result of the uncertainty caused by Mr Trump’s trade policies.

The latest threats from the president also amounted to a blunt outline of his plans for an escalating trade war against China that business groups and farmers have warned would have further negative consequences for the US economy.

“It is now indubitable that [President] Trump’s threats of tariffs need to be taken both literally and seriously by US trading partners,” said Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University economist and China expert. “The two largest economies in the world are careening towards an open and ugly trade war that might prove difficult to contain or find an exit path from.”

“This time they will certainly strike back,” said Tu Xinquan, a trade expert at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. “There will be no retreat.”

China’s customs agency said this week that Chinese retaliatory tariffs would take effect immediately after American tariffs on Chinese goods kicked in at 12.01am on Friday US Eastern time — just after midday on Friday in China.

Friday’s batch of US tariffs target products ranging from electric vehicles to industrial lathes and other components and machinery used by US manufacturers. In retaliation, China has promised to target US farm and energy exports such as politically sensitive soyabeans and crude oil.

US business and agricultural groups have warned that they will bear the brunt of any trade war with China as well as those that Mr Trump has launched with neighbours in North America and allies such as Japan and the EU by hitting them with steel tariffs and provoking retaliation.



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