Day: September 9, 2018

Xiaomi reported a rise in profit and revenue for the second quarter. Xiaomi’s revenue surges nearly 70 percent in the second quarter as smartphone growth remains strong.

StockMarketNews.Today – Strong performance in the company’s smartphone and internet of things business helped drive growth. Shares of the Chinese electronics giant have been under pressure amid worries that it cannot diversify its business away from hardware.


Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG clinched an agreement with England’s state-funded health service to make a cutting-edge cancer therapy available to children with a devastating form of leukemia in the first arrangement of its kind in Europe.

StockMarketNews.Today – Young patients could begin receiving Kymriah, which has a list price of about 282,000 pounds ($363,000), within weeks, England’s National Health Service said in a statement Wednesday. The accord comes just days after a similar therapy, Gilead Sciences Inc.’s Yescarta, was rejected in the U.K. for treatment of a different type of cancer.