Xiaomi is back with another robot vacuum cleaner, and it’s bigger and better than before.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The robot is manufactured by Roborock, one of Xiaomi’s hardware partners, and while the first-gen model featured the Mijia label (a Xiaomi sub-brand that caters to the smart home segment), the Mi Robot 2 comes with Roborock branding. The goal is to give more prominence to the ecosystem partners, and aside from the label change, there aren’t any differences in build quality or features. If anything, the Mi Robot 2 feels more robust.

The Mi Robot 2 shares the same design aesthetic as the first-gen model — there are a lot of white elements interlaced with grey — but there are a few changes in the layout. The biggest change is that it now has a mop function, allowing the robot to perform a dry and wet clean in one go. There’s a manual in English this time around, giving you a breakdown of all the vacuum’s features, and the default language is also English out of the box, so you don’t have to rely on Google Translate to decipher what the vacuum is saying.

The front houses the water tank and mop, and the brushes for the dry clean are located at the back. There are two speakers up front, and the dust collection tray, as well as Wi-Fi reset buttons, are in the same location as before. The dry clean option is unchanged from the first-gen Mi Robot — there’s a rotating brush on the right side that siphons particles into the path of the robot, and there’s a circular brush underneath the vacuum that does a great job of sucking in dirt.

The Mi Robot 2 is a significant upgrade over the first-gen model. The new laser sensor does a better job of routing, and the wet clean option makes it an all-round vacuum. Honestly, the sheer number of features available with the Mi Robot 2 make it one of the best products in this space. The vacuum is available for $540, and while that’s $200 more than the first-gen model, the enhancements justify the cost.