Day: October 4, 2018

Hedge fund Criterion Capital Management is shutting down after 16 years in business, the second large fund to announce its closure this week.

StockMarketNews.Today – The closing comes in the same week that $12 billion Highfields Capital also became one of the largest closures in recent history. As the year ends, hedge funds are starting to receive redemption notices from some clients and re-evaluating their future business plans.


A decade since Lehman Brothers bank collapsed, the world’s top lenders largely meet tougher capital requirements aimed at averting a repeat of the ensuing markets meltdown.

StockMarketNews.Today – The Basel Committee of regulators said that as of December 2017, the world’s 111 biggest cross-border or “Group 1” banks would have had a collective capital shortfall of just 25.8 billion euros ($29.8 billion), had all Basel’s rules been in force, a fraction of their earnings.