Brexit Chaos: One Million In The Streets For The New Referendum

By Alessandro Sollo |

<< revoke, rethink, remain, rejoice >> The slogan, one of many immortalized via Twitter, sums up well the anti-Brexit demonstration that has invaded the streets of London…. With record numbers: official sources speak of a million participants, a figure that breaks through the ceiling of 700 thousand people registered in a similar march in October 2018. The procession, which ended up in front of the Parliament, was born to put pressure on the government in favor of a second referendum on divorce from the EU.

The organizers of the People’s March (People’s vote) note” predicted a similar success, after an online petition against Brexit sent the tilt signing portal over four million in the week. accessions. The demonstration reached its terminus in Westminster, in the square in front of the British parliament… where a series of political figures are taking the floor… Among others the deputy secretary of Labor Tom Watson (absent Jeremy Corbyn), the liberal democrat Vince Cable, the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the mayor of London Sadiq Khan. His one of the most abrupt lunges to Prime Minister May: “There is no time left for further negotiations – Khan said – The prime minister has wasted the good intentions of our European neighbors with his chaotic and confused approach”.


Among the public endorsements there are those of various exponents of the business world and of finance, including the appeal – as always – over the lines of the magnate Richard Branson: “We are close to disaster “– he said in an official letter .


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