3 Penny Stocks To Buy Today – { August 2019 }

StockMarketNews.Today > … Penny Stocks to buy in August 2019 … Penny stocks are often dangerous stocks to buy for individual investors. Generally described as stocks with a price under $5, the group usually consists of quite a few fallen angels and growth stocks that haven’t reached, and may never reach, their potential.

But there are good penny stocks to buy. During the financial crisis, several stocks hit penny stock status and then rebounded tremendously… Here are 3 penny stocks to buy that could provide solid returns for investors going forward.

1- Limelight Networks (2.55 USD)

Limelight Networks has executed a nice turnaround of late — and LLNW stock has responded in kind. The internet content delivery provider is a small fish compared to industry leader Akamai Technologies, but it’s making progress. Revenue is expected to rise 1% this year and 12% the next, with earnings growing at a long-term rate of 15%.

With Akamai rebounding amid easing of some industry-wide concerns — notably customers like Netflix and Facebook choosing DIY options — Limelight is positioned to keep double-digit revenue growth intact. That will boost margins and profits — and likely get LLNW stock out of the penny stock category altogether.


2- Plug Power (2.50 USD)

Clean energy historically has been a graveyard for investor capital, and hydrogen vehicle developer Plug Power (PLUG) hasn’t been any different. The stock trades well below peaks from last decade, and is down about 60% from early 2014 levels as well.

So PLUG stock’s bull case is a classic “this time is different” argument, which is always tenuous. But there is some good news here. Plug Power has signed deals with Walmart in 2014 and with Amazon.com in 2017. What’s more, it joined forces with FedEx in May 2017.

The company remains unprofitable, but cash burn is slowing, and the company is guiding for profits in the second half (albeit with a ton of adjustments; GAAP earnings remain a long way off). Revenue is growing quickly, with gross revenue growth of nearly 40% expected this year.

PLUG has pivoted toward industrial applications, and there is some promise there. Investors in PLUG stock will have to be patient, have to tolerate volatility and have to accept risk. But if Plug Power finally can gain some traction, the current share price around $2.50 could move much higher.


3- DHX Media (1.90 USD)

DHX Media has had an ugly one-year period as a stock, down 20%. Debt continues to be a problem for DHX Media, with a debt-equity ratio of 115%! … But at $1.90, with a market cap around $365 million, there is some reason for optimism.

First, DHX added the Peanuts intellectual property to its portfolio in a deal with Iconix Brand Group. That adds to the existing portfolio of Teletubbies, Inspector Gadget, Yo Gabba Gabba! and YouTube content provider WildBrain. DHX then sold 39% of Peanuts to Sony, allowing it to reduce debt while bringing a high-quality partner on board.


A strategic review continues, as DHX looks to further drive cost savings and reduce debt. And in a cord-cutting world where content may become increasingly valuable, the company should have some options.

This is a high-risk play, as the long decline in its chart shows. ICON has dropped over 99% in the past five years due to too much debt and too weak a portfolio. But DHX should be able to avoid that fate…

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