5 Stocks To Buy Today … { September 2019 }

◊ Stocks To Buy Now … { September 2019 } ◊

{ Stocks To Buy Today { September 2019 } – Stock Market News }  … best stocks to buy today 2019 are strong companies with solid underlying fundamentals, poised to prosper regardless of what the future holds. With trade wars and inverted yield curves stirring up fears once more, some of the 5 best stocks to buy for 2019 can serve as a relative safe haven for equity investors. Others, smaller and under the radar, offer diversification and long-term growth opportunities.

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1 – NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) : what makes NXP Semiconductors one of the best stocks to buy for September 2019? … Well, it decidedly found its bottom, and even after 37% year-to-date gains through mid-August, shares go for 11 times forward earnings. The $2 billion breakup penalty QCOM paid was brilliantly invested by management, which approved aggressive buybacks at depleted prices.


2 – Facebook (FB) : Entering 2019, Facebook wasn’t the most popular stock on the block; 2018 was a PR nightmare. But when global companies boasting more than 2 billion addicted users see their shares beaten down, it’s almost always a great time to buy. Although 2019 hasn’t been a walk in the park either – the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook $5 billion for its mishandling of user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal – FB continues to grow rapidly, with revenue expected to jump 25% in 2019. Currently Facebook’s suite of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) has 2.7 billion monthly active users, a captive market Facebook plans to monetize with Stories, Facebook Marketplace, payments, and maybe even its own cryptocurrency/wallet combo. Too dominant to ignore…

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3 – Centene Corporation (CNC) : $20 billion health insurer Centene has positioned itself as a niche operator focused on government-backed areas like Medicaid; ACA’s Medicaid expansion requirements have helped drive CNC membership growth, which came in at 17% in Q2. A deal to acquire WellCare Health Plans (WCG) is expected to close in 2020, and has pressured shares, which is typical for acquiring companies. That said, an insider recently bought $150,000 of CNC stock at $53; insider purchases are usually bullish indicators, as insiders tend to have a better idea for how the company is doing.


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4 – Apple (AAPL) : Apple’s first two earnings reports of the calendar year didn’t inspire much confidence. The iPhone maker reported two consecutive quarters of declining revenue. Still, shares were advancing because they started 2019 so undervalued, and because services revenue was growing nicely. Fiscal Q3 was much better, as revenue began growing again, setting a record for the quarter. Guidance beat expectations, and the company spent $20.6 billion on buybacks and dividends.

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5 – Sprouts Farmers Market Inc. (SFM) : A lovely combination of value, growth and predictability, Sprouts Farmers Market is a grocery chain focused on healthy, fresh and organic food. This $2 billion company is on the right side of the trend toward more conscious consumption, with 331 stores (and growing) in 21 states through June 2019. Revenue grew 8% in Q2, though profits fell as margins compressed. SFM is smartly investing in delivery to stay competitive, so some capital-intensive expansion isn’t such a bad thing to see. It looks like shares may’ve hit bottom after Q2 earnings, but give it a little time to make sure.

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