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Activision Blizzard Inc. Said It Plans To Cut About 8% Of Its Workforce

Today’s Stock Market News - Activision Blizzard Inc. Said It Plans To Cut About 8% Of Its Workforce

The job cuts underscore the tough environment videogame makers face as players increasingly sink their time and money into only a handful of games they can play in perpetuity—the current king being “Fortnite.”


Chinese And U.S. Negotiators Are Seeking To Narrow The Still-Substantial Gap Between The Concessions China Is Willing To Offer And What The Trump Administration Will Accept

Today’s Stock Market News - U.S.-China Trade Deal

Beijing so far has remained reluctant to give ground on issues it sees as crucial to maintaining the Communist Party’s rule. Those include eliminating government subsidies to state-owned companies and other policies that underpin its state-led economic model. Washington sees such steps as essential to level the playing field for American businesses operating in the world’s second-largest economy.

Venezuela Seeks OPEC Support Against U.S. Sanctions Imposed On His Country’s Oil Industry

Today’s Stock Market News – Venezuela Seeks OPEC Support Against U.S. Sanctions

The request was made in a letter sent to OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo. “Our country hopes to receive the solidarity and full support of the member countries of OPEC and its ministerial Conference, in the fight we are currently having against the illegal and arbitrary intrusion of the United States in the internal affairs of Venezuela,” Maduro wrote.

Morgan Stanley Will Pay $900 Million To Acquire Solium Capital Inc. The Deal Is The Bank’s Largest Acquisition Since The Financial Crisis

Today’s Stock Market News – Morgan Stanley acquire Solium Capital Inc.

Solium’s 3,000 corporate clients employ 1 million workers and include startups such as Stripe Inc. and Instacart Inc., whose employees tend to be younger and have fewer relationships with traditional financial firms. Morgan Stanley said the acquisition wouldn’t have a meaningful impact on its 2019 earnings or reduce its planned stock buybacks.

Venezuela Shifts Oil Ventures’ Accounts To Russian Bank, PDVSA’s Move Comes After The United States Imposed New Financial Sanctions

Today’s Stock Market News – Venezuela Shifts Oil Ventures’ Accounts To Russian Bank

State-run PDVSA several weeks ago informed customers of the new banking instructions and has begun moving the accounts of its joint ventures, which can export crude separately. The decision was made amid tension with some of its partners, which have withdrawn staff from Caracas since U.S. sanctions were imposed in January.