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Google Wants to Buy Firework

• StockMarketNews.Today — Google is weighing a deal for Firework, a free smartphone app for users to share 30-second homemade videos with strangers. Like TikTok, Firework tries to surface viral, edited videos from unlikely sources, though Firework aims for an… Read More ›

What To Expect From Google Earnings?

(GOOGL) Google, has posted less than brilliant performance this year, its stock drastically underperforming its fellow FAANGs and the S&P 500. That disappointing performance reflects major headwinds facing the company that investors will focus intently on when it reports earnings… Read More ›

EU Lawmakers Approve Copyright Reforms

European lawmakers have approved sweeping copyright reforms that could have far-reaching consequences for the business models of tech giants like Google and Facebook. Trade Alphabet – GOOG – Google’s parent company and other subsidiaries in the technology, life science, investment capital and research… Read More ›

Alphabet Inc. revenue grew 22% year over year to $39.3 billion, beating Wall Street’s forecasts. But, as is often the case, what Google spends sometimes overshadows what it makes

Alphabet Inc., parent company of the Internet search giant, reported mostly strong fourth-quarter results Monday afternoon. Revenue grew 22% year over year to $39.3 billion, beating Wall Street’s forecasts. That was driven by yet another quarter of 20% growth for the company’s colossal advertising business, which now generates more than $116 billion in revenue annually.