Amazon Inc Inc. Executives Are Re-Evaluating A Planned Campus In New York City

Amazon executives are deliberating whether to delay some of the initial phase of investments to get the project started, according to one of the people familiar with the discussions. The internal talks haven’t progressed to deciding whether to relocate future jobs or the campus.


Thousands of products were pulled from Inc.’s India website Friday — the first direct impact from the country’s new e-commerce rules

India’s new restrictions, which went into effect Friday, were designed to help local retailers better compete against foreign-owned giants like Amazon and Walmart Inc., as the e-commerce market is poised to boom in the country. Amazon warned Thursday that India’s restrictions could crimp revenue this quarter and that it was still evaluating the regulations.

Amazon is driving brands to increase their advertising on its website for next week’s Prime Day, its annual sales event — potentially giving another boost to a revenue stream that has brought the ecommerce group into competition with Google and Facebook, the dominant forces in digital advertising.

Sellers and consultants say Amazon has advised some merchants to double or even triple their overall ad spending and the amount of money they bid on keywords if they want to get their products at the top of search results.