Cryptocurrency News

Intercontinental Exchange, the world’s second-largest exchange group by market value, has deepened its involvement in digital currencies with a new company that aims to make them mainstream for institutional investors and consumers.

StockMarketNews.Today – The Atlanta-based group on Friday announced plans to launch Bakkt, a business that plans to build infrastructure allowing easier use of digital currencies for everyday transactions. Earmarked to lead the venture is Kelly Loeffler, ICE’s head of investor relations and the wife of Jeff Sprecher, chief executive.

Swiss bourse launches cryptocurrency platform. The platform being built by the Six exchange is designed to be used for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and other digital assets, and will be based mainly on Blockchain distributed ledger technology.

StockMarketNews.Today – Jos Dijsselhof, Six’s chief executive, said: “For us it is abundantly clear that much of what is going on in the digital space is here to stay and will define the future of our industry. The financial industry now needs to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and digital communities.”