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Every girl should have a friend like you. Wishing the most glorious birthday ever to my all-time bestie! Every girl Couple sex in Isabella Minnesota have a friend like you! Thank you for consistently being the amazing person and friend that you are! Happy birthday, girl!


Top definition.

Girl best friend. A girl best friend will there for you no matter what. Even if you do something horrible they will be by your side.

Someone you want to tell something first before your girl friends or mom you want to tell them first to see how proud they are of you. A girl best friend will give you advice about girls and tell you how to flirt and everything and she would Dating live cam chat Governador valadares you no matter what.

Girl Best friend. Girl bestfriend is the best person you'll meet in your life. She'll cuddle you like your a Big brother and protect you like your one too.

She's the person who makes you smile,laugh and be yourself around the most! She would treat you like family and would be really proud of you no matter what you did she would text you in the morning and night and he would invite you around to her house all the time.

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You'd know her family and be comfortable around them,you'd drink tea and watch movies together whilst eating lo of junk food,then you would talk about everything and anything you ever knew and ever hoped and dreamed off. She would take you out to places and the cinemas and you could trust Her with anything! Girl Bestfriend. A girl bestfriend is someone who is always by your side and loves u and supports you no matter what and makes your day everyday and treats u with love and respect and always thinks Swingers Personals in Glenview you Sexy housewives seeking real sex Austin is always the first person u wake up to in the morning and the last person you text before bed.

My girl bestfriend is Emma.

She may have a small crush on you one time or another. You may have a small crush on her one time or another. This is completely normal.

She loves you, show her some love too. She IS your best friend after all. A girl bestfriend is some one who always is there for you. She will always be there when your sad mad or happy.

10 things every guy goes through if he has a girl best friend

She loves her bestfriend and she will always say hi She will always think about you. I love my girl bestfriend. Is easy to talk to and is someone you can say anything to without being judged. You feel comfortable around them and can be Adult dating Ward Cove Alaska.

Will stand up to you and tease you and have playful banter with you to keep you in line. Understands you better than most other people you know. Can make you feel a certain way that no one else can.

Will support you no matter what and be there for you during the best and worst times. Talk to you about girls problems and helps give an insight on the female mind.

Will stand up for you and cares about you more than they are probably willing to show. May 27 trending 1.

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Having a girl as your best friend is a fantastic thing to happen to any guy.


Those men who say male friendships are the most special clearly haven't been very good friends with a girl.