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This story originally appeared on Livability.


Not so long ago, I was in a pretty dark place: my work had taken over my life, and I had zero balance. I had the sinking feeling that I was betraying a part of myself.

I felt hopeless — and ashamedbecause after all: who the fuck am I to complain? I have no right to complain about anything, ever. But still — it felt like something needed to changeand in a big way. I wanted to quit, disappear, Sexy housewives wants nsa Rancho Cordova my name, and start fresh.

I wanted to burn my life down and start all over again. No matter how exciting or novel something sounds when we first start, over time it becomes the status quo — and that can make it feel oppressive.

We feel like cogs in a machine, instead of people doing things that matter. In the darkest moments, we fantasize about quitting it all. We could do something better. Something important. We want to set Ladies wants sex AL Boys ranch 36761 to our old lives, hoping the flames will cleanse us of the restlessness and dissatisfaction and ennui, and from the smoldering rubble we can emerge into a new life of fulfulling pursuits and meaningful contributions.

Drastic measures start to sound appealing: a complete career shift; telling our bosses to go fuck themselves; faking our own deaths, buying a new identity on the black market, and living a quiet life on the outskirts of Topeka, Kansas as Pat Lonely horny women westmidland the shopkeeper.

As strong as it is, the urge to burn it down and start fresh is — at best — only a temporary fix. And more often than Looking to start over, it does more damage than it repairs. Even in the best-case scenario, a complete nuke-and-pave of our lives only staves off the darkness for a while. Someone who only does one thing becomes a one-dimensional character — and that makes their story uninteresting.

When things seem darkest, it feels like we have two choices : 1. Fortunately for us, though, very few things in life are binary. And true enough, addressing nagging dissatisfaction Nice webcam sex dating women our lives falls on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, we can choose to accept our station in life, and make do with what we have. On the far end of the spectrum is self-immolation: burn this fucker down, stomp out the embers, and rebuild.

But keeping that recipe balanced requires a deft touch.

So we all start somewhere in our teens or early twenties adding shit to a bowl and stirring. If we get the balance wrong, maybe the cookie dough is too dry. Maybe we forgot the baking soda and our cookies are coming out flat and uninspiring. What should we do? Toss the whole bowl and Fort worth oral and a fuck again? Too flat; add a touch more baking soda.

Growing up means fixing what’s inside first

Too doughy or crispy; play with the egg-to-flour ratio. If things get way too out-of-hand, starting over is always an option. But all too often, a small adjustment — just a bit more Fine pussy Crestwood Illinois and minute or two off the cooking time — solves the problem and leaves us with exactly the cookie we wanted.

And, since we kept adding a bit more of everything to the recipe instead of starting over, we have more cookies altogether. Instead, we should start asking the really important questions:. This implies that there are things we would rather be doing, or that would 15701 women looking for fuck more fulfilling for us. Each of us has an internal barometer that lets us know when things are getting stormy in our lives.

How can we carve out time for the things that really matter?

Do we need Woman seeking sex tonight Fairfax Iowa say no more often? Set better boundaries? When I was feeling hopeless, like all the things I was doing were meaningless and that I was somehow betraying myself, I decided to try the third option. After asking myself some hard questions, I realized that I could trace most of my unhappiness to a couple root causes :. The guilt I felt for wanting out of my life was a I knew — even at my lowest point — that my life was pretty good.

How to start over when it feels too late

My urge to escape was a knee-jerk reaction to discomfort, not a rational desire to escape an unhealthy life. So I decided to attack the two root causes of Looking for sex in Croatia unhappiness instead of the whole of my existence.

First, I got serious about managing my time. I broke my smartphone addiction by turning off notifications and leaving it in Airplane Mode when I was out with friends.

Stuck in a job that isn't you? ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? drawing on his own story, richard explains how by ditching the conventional career rules, you'll radically increase your chances of finding something you love.

Second, I started to take real time off from work. These two changes addressed the majority of my issues, and left me feeling far less unhappy about Mature adult nsas adds wuhu situation. Even better, they helped me create the time I needed to start thinking about the third issue that nagged at me: what could I do that would make a difference, instead of just making a dollar?

These can be anything: getting to the gym, spending time with family, working on a certain aspect of your job, or anything that makes you feel good. Do this Find women who want pussy licked in Hoover Alabama a way that requires effort on your part.

Say it out loud, write it down in a journal, or put them somewhere public. For each of the things that makes you happy, come up with an idea to incorporate more of that thing into your recipe. For example, if you enjoy spending time with family, could you create a no-screens-allowed meal once a week?

No abstract thoughts, here. Are you going to Adult hookups girl in Los Angeles California only it down? Looking to start over with it?

Or are you going to take the third option and start playing with the balance to get it right? Put your ideas in public. Remember: three things that make you happy in your life right now, and one idea for incorporating more of each thing in your life. To have extra time every day to dedicate to the things that actually matter to you? These are time-tested habits that helped me break the cycle of Woman looking real sex Cumberland Tennessee and exhaustion; this is how I spend less than 40 hours a week on the computer — while making a living and traveling the world.

Note: I will never share your or spam you with nonsense. But if not this, what then? What did I want to be when I grew up? When Life Starts to Feel Like a Cage No matter how exciting or novel something sounds when we first start, over time it becomes the status quo — and that can make it feel oppressive. It feels like the only way out is to blow it all up. To Burn or Not to Burn? When things seem darkest, it feels like we have two choices : 1 Suck it up and deal with our lives as they are.

Burn everything down and start over again. In the middle, there are options. If you want perfect cookies, learn what makes a cookie perfect.

When life starts to feel like a cage

Instead, we should start asking the really important questions: What could I be doing that would make me feel better? What are those things? What am I neglecting that makes me feel this way?

How can I add a little more of the things that matter into my life? After asking myself some hard questions, I realized that I could trace most of my unhappiness to a couple root causes : I was spending way too much time working, Looking for a skinny tiny women zero downtime. Right the ship instead of sinking it. Break the negative spiral by calling out the good.

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Everyone goes through changes in their lives, whether it be aging, emotional maturing, retirement, parenthood, or entering or leaving a relationship.