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Over the years, several researchers noticed a change in the way that Scandinavian brown bears care for their young. Sweden has one of the fastest bear reproduction rates in the world, and it seems that females were spending more time with their cubs.


Martin Leclerc and a colleague were Hot horney girls Olympia Washington ont out of the vehicle for a few minutes when they heard a crash in the trees somewhere up the gravel road. They knew the bear was nearby since they had a GPS tracking collar on the animal, but getting a reading more precise than a few dozen yards away was difficult, particularly if the bear was moving as fast as this one. The researchers edged a little closer to the car, and suddenly a female brown bear and two cubs burst out of the forest and tore across the road around 75 yards ahead of them.

Grizzly bear

Only a few seconds behind came another bear — likely a male — hot in pursuit of a twisted idea of the meaning of family life. Leclerc, a Ph. The anecdote wasn't from work included in his thesis, but displays the kind of behavior he researched. One surprising finding from that research, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, shows that female bears with cubs may use humans as a kind of shield to ward off the danger of infanticide.

As urban areas continue to grow across the planet, many animals are finding creative ways to make the best of losing prime habitat to human infrastructure. While we may Cedar city sex tonight their presence as some kind of break in an imaginary border we've created between our own concepts of nature and civilization, the animals themselves make colder calculations based on survival and relative danger.

Male Eurasian brown bears have a rather Machiavellian approach to family formation. But male bears are often leery of getting too close to human civilizations, which may provide the females an opportunity. GPS data and spot-checking from the ground Wife want hot sex Rendon helicopters to see whether cubs had survived the mating season showed that the most successful mothers were the ones that hung out more often relatively closer to humans, while those that often avoided human infrastructure were the ones that lost cubs.

In other words, humans may stress bears out, but for mother bears this danger is trumped by the fear of male bears in mating season.

Loe says the study is great as it shows a new intraspecies mechanism for the concept of wildlife using a human shield — something that can be common where predators are afraid of humans. Loe says other interspecies human shield relationships have been found.

Grizzlies also avoid humans in some areas, so moose hang out near us. Other examples have Married women Jefferson Massachusetts looking found between elk, humans and wolves as well as roe deer, humans and lynx. He has studied a similar relationship himself involving spotted hyenas and mountain nyalas in the Bale Mountains National Park Bdsm dating Sherman Ethiopia.

The mountain nyala seem to have taken notice of this opportunity, for GPS data from the antelopes shows that while they spend their days inside the park, many of them head for the periphery at night when the hyenas are on the hunt for meals.

Loe and his team ruled out the idea that the nyala approached humans to seek out food, as crops are only around seasonally while the horned animals spend their evenings around humans year-round. There could be conservation and wildlife implications for both of these situations. Loe says that the study showed that nyala, listed as threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, will only Old ladies search free online sex around low-density human populations, not areas where there are larger settlements.

Animals are good at adapting to shifting risk levels sometimes humans are dangerous, other times not. He says that one of the popular beliefs about bears is that they end up hanging around human settlements in order to feast on garbage or yappy Chihuahuas.

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But his study adds to evidence that bears may have a different reason for risking stressful human contact. Continue or Give a Gift.

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Bears are caring for their cubs longer in response to hunting

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Mama bears use humans to keep their cubs safe

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Bears are among the least productive mammals in North America.


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The grizzly bear is a kind of brown bear.