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Music-Streaming Service Spotify Technology SA Has Filed An Antitrust Complaint In Europe Against Apple Inc.

Music-streaming service Spotify Technology SA has filed an antitrust complaint in Europe against Apple Inc., a new salvo in the broader battle over how and whether to rein in alleged wrongdoing by tech giants. Spotify’s complaint, filed late Monday to the antitrust arm of the European Union, alleges that Apple in recent years has abused its control over which apps appear in its App Store. The restrictions, Spotify claims, are designed to restrict music-streaming services that compete with Apple’s own Apple Music.

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Russia’s alleged election meddling and China’s trade practices are back in focus in Washington.

StockMarketNews.Today – Top US intelligence chiefs have issued a stark warning about ongoing Russian efforts to interfere in the upcoming US midterms. Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, said on Thursday that the US continued “to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States”.

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Apple slices into Spotify’s lead in US music market. Iphone maker expected to have more US subscribers by end of the year

StockMarketNews.Today – Spotify’s lead over Apple’s music-streaming service in the US is narrowing, denting the air of invincibility around the recently floated pioneer.
While Spotify still holds a commanding lead globally, Apple’s faster growth rate in the world’s largest music market reflects its ability to push its services to owners of its devices, such as the iPhone.