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After Ethiopian Airlines Crash About 40% Of The Global Fleet Of 737 MAX Planes Are Parked

The backlash against Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX jet escalated Tuesday, with groundings of the new jetliner spreading to Australia, Singapore and Latin America, amplifying the problem the company faces to contain the fallout from Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash.


Airlines Dump the Boeing 747, Transforming International Travel. The newer planes, which include the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, are redrawing the map for global air travel

Smaller, ultraefficient long-range airliners are overtaking the once celebrated giant of the sky; crammed seats and fewer perks. Delta has replaced its fleet of jumbo jets with Airbus A350s, one of a new breed of smaller, ultraefficient long-range airliners. Nearly every other airline in the world is doing a version of the same thing, replacing huge jets with smaller ones.

Boeing Completes Acquisition of Leading Aerospace Parts Distributor KLX Inc. to Enhance Growing Services Business.

StockMarketNews.Today – KLX, a major global provider of aviation parts and services in the aerospace industry, provides a clear path for Boeing’s services business to accelerate growth. Its capabilities include distribution and supply chain services. KLX currently markets and distributes products for approximately 2,400 manufacturers and offers approximately 1 million catalog items.

Boeing focused on China as ‘key customer’ amid trade war. U.S. aerospace and defense giant Boeing is less concerned about tariffs the Trump administration implemented earlier this year.

StockMarketNews.Today – The company is currently building a 737 finishing center in the country, since one-third of all 737 exports are currently going to China, the CEO said, adding that Boeing has to make all of its plans in “the context of the trade discussions.”